GO IN GO IN!!!! GOIN !!!!!


GO IN GO IN!!!! GOIN !!!!!

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3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you.

—Ten Word Story #11 - Ming D. Liu (via mingdliu)


SPOTLIGHT: Rappers x Pre-16th Century Art

Meet your new favorite Tumblr! B4XVI is gathering a collection of comparisons between pre-16th century art and famous rappers.

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Chanhyuk and Soohyun can’t believe a lot of people want to see them.

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its friday night im staying in

tomorrow night im staying in too

theres a jillion hot boys in hongdae that i could be hooking up with tonight and tomorrow

waaah trying to achieve your dreams and taking care of your body is a total killjoy 

B.A.P - Live On Earth 2014 New York - Backstage

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yes Himchan, yES!

yes Himchan, yES!

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