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catzombiez asked: yay~ You're using the question that I suggested! :3 I already got a Block B tattoo; I got "Luxury, Luxury life" on my arm. I got it because I had an amazing time seeing Block B in DC, my met some unforgettable people & I had the best time of my life. That day, I was living the luxury, luxury life, so I got it tattooed.


ahh good i’m glad you told me. we didn’t write down all the URLs, sorry!

but that’s great! i definitely think that’s a sweet way to remember an amazing night~


i love the script! super pretty! aahh, you should tweet this to them, i bet they’d like it ^^

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If you could get a Block B inspired tattoo, what would you get and why?


this is the kind of video I wanna see more in k-pop!
Four Ladies 4L 

1/50 gifs of Yongguk | clean up crew BangJae

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i think audacity deteriorates the music as yo edit it which is a problem cause i need to lower this pitch and its sounding quite disgusting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh fudge

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I think I teared a little. :’)

I’m extremely impressed with the Shinee fandom.

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oh my god